At Local Theatres

When the Cisco Kid adventure films go into production, citizens of the area around Pioneertown, California, 125 miles from Hollywood, are always happy.

The most recent of these productions, entitled “Satan’s Cradle,” co-starring Duncan Renaldo as the Kid, and Leo Carrillo as Pancho, was completed a short while ago and will open Friday at the Capitol Theatre through United Artists release.

More than 100 men and women who live in the region, which is quite close to the famous resort, Palm Springs, signed up by Producer Philip N. Krasne to play atmosphere roles in the film as store-keepers, saloon frequenters, horsemen, townspeople, farmers and to join in a thrilling posse.

Some of the permanent residents of Pioneertown posses union cards in the actor’s group. Others are making their film debut in these colorful western films.

Pioneertown is a development dreamed up by Krasne especially for the use of western film producers. As he says, every location site needed for films of this type can be found within a few miles of Pioneertown. As for the town itself, it has been built as an exact replica of a small western community generally called for in these adventure-thrillers.

Ford Beebe directed “Satan’s Cradle,” with Duncan Renaldo acting both as star and associate producer.

April 6, 1950 - Republican and Herald article clipping