Begin Work On Pioneertown Big Bear Road

Construction began on improving the Pioneertown-Big Bear road last week under the supervision of Pat Lafferty, road contractor of Twentynine Palms, according to Martell Ferris of Joshua Tree who was recent spokesman for the group when they visited Big Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce meeting to secure support and financial aid for the project.

According to Mr. Ferris, in. his Joshua Journal, the crew of volunteer labor assisting Lafferty in the road work started blasting and grading on several portions of the road between Rimrock and Rose Mine.

Russ Hayden, president of Pioneertown Corp, manned the big blade owned by Pioneertown and stated he intended to remain until the job is done.

A. commttee Went over a newer proposed route a week ago Sunday and decided the present route would be less expensive to improve.

June 8, 1951 - The Grizzly clipping