Buie: They Tell Me

As in the old days when you wanted a road you built it yourself, a group of residents from the Yucca Valley-Joshua Tree district is Straightening the curves and taking the chuck holes out of the old wagon road leading into the mountain resort area.

The group, working weekends, will open the road from Yucca Valley area through Rattlesnake Canyon, east of Pioneertown, to the old Rose Mine and Baldwin Lake. Originally used by cattlemen as they drove their herds out of the mountains when winter struck, the road winds through a picturesque but desolate country. By spraying, Spring, the volunteer crews hope to open the route to desert residents who will retire to the timberlands for the hot weather.

Charles Bartley, founder and former president of the Grand Central Rocket Co., is playing lots of golf in his home city of Redlands.

Feb. 25, 1959 - The San Bernardino County Sun article clipping