Gene Autry Finds Ideal Locale

Located 4,500 feet high in the San Bernardino mountains, below Big Bear lake, Pioneertown it Is a 30,000 acre tract of land surrounding a unique little town composed of a “Mane Street” bordered by buildings strictly Old West in design.

Like all America, Pioneertown has a history, starting point in its development. In the case of this little old West town, the idea was born when Dick Curtis, a cowboy actor discovered that the country it is around what is now Pioneertown afforded the perfect setting for the making of western movies.

In 1946 he purchased the original site of Pioneertown and, with 18 of his Hollywood friends, form what is now known as the Pioneertown corporation, headed by Movie Actor Russell Hayden.

Although primarily pioneered town was founded as a place to make movies, the natural beauty of the country and the healthful you’re around climate brought several hundred families, most of whom purchased small ranches or open up businesses on Mane Street. Along this colorful thoroughfare, on which no automobile (only horses) are allowed, can now be seen establishments with such flamboyant names as the Golden stallion Café, the Red Dog saloon, the Wooden Indian, Pioneer Duds and Saddlery, the Grubbstake, etc. Naturally, the citizens of Pioneertown dress strictly “western”.

What brought Autry and company to pioneer town what is the fat that within 10 miles of Mane Street is terrain almost identical juice Southern Arizona, the locale of the cowboys and Indians –Hills and ravines, got it with Joshua, Yucca, Socorro, Mesquite. Even the snowcapped mountains to the westward what’s reminiscent Mount Lemmon South of Tucson.

I’ll although Gene Autry intends to go again to Arizona to make pictures, he was mighty happy defined such a good substitute so close to his studio.

In fact, he flew home for lunch one day.

July 2, 1949 - Lansing State Journal article clipping