Hi Neighbors: Once again we write from, but this time, not about the Home of Western Movies… Pioneertown. We’re up here making the last two of the current series of Gene Autry TV pictures, and as usual we love it. Ducan Renaldo and Leo Carillo are in town finishing up their series of “Cisco Kid” Tvers… so if you want to find anyone in Hollywood… look in Pioneertown.

And speaking of TV… (and everyone is)… Hollywood has staked it’s claim in the field and we sincerely believe that we’ll soon be know as Television Town. The men who control television… the big national sponsors are demanding names for their programs… and names are the stock in trade here. more and more of our big Stars are stepping into TV and you can look for some top entertainment on your parlor set soon. And for that very reason, we predict that some of the smaller and newly formed Television Film companies will lose turning out bad product, with unknown people and it’s sold readily only because there was nothing else. But, now with top names available… it’s going to be a different story.

For the actors. . there will be lots of work, but the day of those fabulous salaries is over. Short money and lots of work will be the rule.

By the way, we’re working this week with ALLAN HALE, JR. and his resemblance to his late father is remarkable. . even to that wonderful, booming laugh. Given time and the right roles. Allan Hale, Jr. is going to make a name for himself, as well as carry on a great one.

We hear that SPADE COOLEY’S face is more than a little on the red side these days. Letters have been pouring into his program complaining about some of the acts he’s had on his Saturday nite TV-jamboree. It seems they were a little too “warm” for his audience which includes thousands of children. Why don’t you stick to western acts, Spade, everybody loves cowboys.

Hollywood is enlisting in the war too. AL JOLSON is already in Korea entertaining the troops, ad BOBE HOPE will go the minute the War Department gives him the ok. A lot of other big stars have volunteered, and why don’t they reorganize the U.S.O. again?

Speaking of things military, young RODDY McDOWALL will be taking his physical any day now.

GOOD NEWS: That swell guy, PAT BUTTRAM, who was seriously hurt here in Pioneertown two weeks ago… is going to be all right. But, it’s going to be a long pull, and Pat will be in the hospital for several months. If you haven’t dropped that get-well card to him already… do it right now. address him in care of 29 Palms Hospital, California… PLEASE.

Harvey in Hollywood Sept. 28 1950