Need Wranglers, Ropers In Pioneer Burro Derby

VICTORVILLE – Wranglers and ropers are needed for the 12th running of the National Burro Derby, to be off and running Aug. 5, at Pioneertown.

Horsemen are needed to rope burros and to act as outrider-judges, says Sheriff’s Inspector Floyd E. Tidwell, who has headed the mounted group for years.

Here is a chance for men with horses and roping experience to compete for prizes and join in the fun of the Old Miners Days celebration,” he said.

The 40-mile route is through Yucca Valley, Lucerne Valley and to Big Bear Lake, covering three days.

Ropers are needed to bring burros from corral to starting line; then to capture them if they escape from their wrangler.

Interested persons may call Inspector Tidwell at the Victorville sheriff’s substation.

Wranglers also are needed. Pay is $10 a day; daily prize money is up to $20. First-place money for the winner is $500; lesser prizes are offered the next nine runners-up. Further information may be obtained from John Ortiz, wranglers chairman, Old Miners Assn. PO Box 1043, Big Bear Lake.

For the first year, the annual derby will not begin in Apple Valley.

July 24, 1965 - The San Bernardino County Sun article clipping