New ‘Cisco Kid’ Films Ready for Shooting

Producer Philip Krasne, committed to eight “Cisco Kid” features a year for the next three years to United Artists, announced today that the third and fourth in the series “Bold Bandido” and “The Darling Caballero” will go before the camera shortly in Pioneertown, the exclusive and real western city which will be the location of all future system films.

Kippee Valez, co-starring with Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrallo in “The Darling Caballero,” has been signed as the Cisco Kid’s leading lady for all future productions. Although she has been on the Hollywood scene for a period of only five months, Miss Valez has already established herself as one of the real fines of the coming season by her outstanding work in “The Lucky Stiff,” soon to be released by U.A. and in Paramount’s “El Paso.”

The first two “Cisco Kid” films, “The Valiant Hombre” and “The Gay Amigo” have been completed and will be released in the near future by U.A.

Oct. 25, 1948 - The Evening News article clipping