Pioneertown (10-16-62)

(Too late for last week)

Some of the Duarle members of the Les Angeiles Sheriff’s Posse No. 5 staying in Joshua Tree
over thee weekend rode up along the Skyline trail to the Red Dog in Pioneertown.

Blackie Blackburn celebrated his birthday last Friday with dinner at the Golden Stallion.

Marion Buckmaster guest of the Paul Seydlitz‘s of Morongo Valley was out sightseeing recently in Pionoertown. She admitted it wouldn’t take much Chamber of Commerce promoting to make a desert rat out of her.

Minna Gombel and De Churchill are staying at their lovely Pioneertown home for two or three weeks. They’ve chosen the loveliest season of the year—Indian summer—for their stay.

The temperature pushed 80 again after a week of cool. crisp clear weather. . . Still no rain. Guess it’s going to last a while. Birds are feeding a new batch of nestling and the season flowers are in bloom. There are cat’s claw and bush daisies smothered in clouds of small butterflies, bees and other insects. and several other small bushy plants all blooming in shades of gold.

Joe Green beat Harry Guinan in a match game at the Pioneer Bowl Oct. 7. There’ll be match
games every weekend for a while.

Fred Wheeler will celebrate his birthday this weekend. Mrs. Wheeler, their three sons and families were recently in Pioneertown to wish Fred many happy returns.

Kris and Ken Steiner were spending a few days in Pioneertown, visiting with the John Hamiltons.

Frank Lawrence. the Powder River Kid. and world’s champion bronc buster of the 1920’s was a diner in the Golden Stallion.

Another Golden Stallion visitor Marguerite Chapman from Palm Springs. She was here on a Thursday afternoon.

The Yucca Valley Players group have been meeting in the Golden Stallion banquet room for readings. Maybe the surrey with the fringe on top out in the dining room will put them in a mood for a real oldtime “melerdrammer.”

Thursday night is Ladies‘ Night at the Red Dog. And that calls for lots of fun!

Oct. 18, 1962 - Hi Desert Star