Pioneertown By Honey Feller (5-18-1961)


A special Mother’s Day gift last weekend. Beautiful weather, and newcomers. visitors, guests
and friends. all over the hi-Desert.

In our town the beautiful dining room of the Golden Stallion was crowded to the doors, spilling
into the banquet room and the lovely bar. “Gunner” said “Mother Day looks like children‘s day to me.” Families. families, 10 to 20 in a party, all doing honors to “Mother.”

At the Red Dog, entertainers Helen and Toby Price were beaming with happiness, for Helen’s son, Mike Gentry with fiancee, Ruth Sprague, came from the city to be with her on Mothers Day. Also, an old friend
in the Ranch Hands, Randi Randell, who recently made the very popular record. “Crying the Night
a Way” came for the weekend and sang several numbers along with the Ranch Hand Band. They all played summer stock together for several seasons some time ago, back in most of the middle western states. Randi’s record. a nice little ballad, may now be heard on the Red Dog juke box.

Annie and Clarence Johnson of Neil’s Ice Cream Parlor visited around town. Annie recently underwent surgery. and everyone’s so glad she’s out and around again. almost good as new. They too were celebrating Mother’s Day~as who, wasn’t‘?

Millie Haskell’s mother came to spend the weekend with her, with other friends and relatives. They made a merry Golden Stallion party.

I’ve been threatened with mayhem! All because I said Nici Ballard patted her tummy and made Chinese noodles come out her ears! Can I help being confused She did not her tummy and say “every time 1 eat this good Chinese food at the Golden Stallion, I leave with noodles coming out my ears.” We finally kissed and made up calling the whole thing off, because this Weekend. she didn’t. noodle out her ears, she dripped orchids of her bosom—Paul’s Mother’s Day offering.

And, I’m so tired of all this, I hope we don’t have a Mother‘s Day for a whole year.

Martha Olson. Townhouse manager has gone to Wisconsin to be with her sick father. The Townhouse will be under the management of Carolyn Evans during her absence.

Pearl and Val Jones city duded it to the big city to see the Ice Capades. Pearl says she enjoyed the show immensely. but since she’s become a little desert flower. she’s sure she’s only a Condalia Parri blossom, not a Night Blooming Crocus. and just I can’t stand these 3 a.m. drives home.

Red Dog cookie Jeanne Bartholomew swears she has it serious case of spring fever. [or which her doctor prescribed a long calm ocean voyage with a tall dark and handsome. Now why do I always get the doctors who prescribe Castor oil?

May 18, 1961 - Hi Desert Star