l am so sorry to have “batted a miss” on last week’s news. Fact is, l collapsed. hind friends rushed in, put me to bed,— and wouldn’t let me up. Grateful to all for their ‘aids’. I especially want to mention: THANKS to Rosalie and John McLain, who tried to get me into their car and haul me to a hospital, And THANKS to little Peewee Toal, standing in the doorway shouting. “Over my dead body! You can’t take her to the hospital unless I have first notified her sister.” THANKS to Gladys McClintock. — who, though I’d forbade it. DID call my sister . . . THANKS to Carol Evans for rushing in with pillows and instructing: “Raise her feet. — no, — put her head up. — and her feet down, — no I guess it’s the other way ’round, her feet up and her head, — well, — anyway, I KNOW one end should be UP.” THANKS to Rosalie for yelling; “Quick, Doctor, give her a sedative.” And THANKS to the doctor who said, “Sedative? — you girls need it more than she does.”

And — THANKS to Earlene Tamasi who calmly drove to Yucca and came back with a nice hot turkey dinner, explaining, “If she’s going to die, she just as well do it on a full stomach.” All we needed was a movie camera. Our fortunes would be made.

And now. though I’m not exactly “Up And At ’Em” I’m at least up. So I’ll get to work.

The weekend of the 22nd., we hosted two very happy and lively groups. One, the Norco Saddle Pals, with an Encampment and Trail Rides with president, Don Young and Trail Boss Muriel Kee, with his trick horse, “Brownie” — performing to the delight of onlookers, especially children, who were enchanted, for Brownie is a big star, with many ribbons and trophies to his credit.

The second group; a fine representation from Orange county of four square dance clubs. Brought to the Village by Joie Tunstall: the Guns N Garters, Toe Stompers. Twilight Twirlers and Hi-D-Hos‘ all bowed, sashayed and alaman-left till the wee sma’ hours at the old Grubstake
Cafe. Its to be a regular monthly affair.

Ronnie Young has gone all out creating a new recreation program for bowlers 10 to 100. A Junior League for the younger set and a Golden Ages Trio for Senior Citizens. Both are proving a huge success.

And. the Althoffs, in town for a tw0 week stay, are adding a new bath, over-hauling electric wiring and a new hot water and heating plant to their Mane street building. More pounding! I mean a body just can’t sleep mornings. G‘pa Althoff says; “Ma. were a gettin’ too old to use that thur
dern Chic Sales frosty mornins’. ‘Sides, my eyesight must be failin‘, — can’t hardly find it no more, when the Red Dog closes, come 2 arm.” . . . Shux, modernness has plumb struck Pioneertown!

Another old-timer in town recently, George White, son of Marge and Ray White of the ancient vintage Grocery “Back When,” George is married and is now raising a family. Everyone in town wanted (at one time or another) to strangle both George White and Joie Tunstall who were visiting here the past weekend. What brats! How can they suddenly grow into such fine young men (This is NOT the opinion of the STAR. It’s my own first-hand knowledge.)

The Chester Butlers, weekending in their Village hacienda, tell a tall tale of a tall Cacti, they have petted into a ten foot growth. It is a VARIGATED YUCCA. This species, when full grown sells for around $800, — and grows so tall it makes (they swear) Jack’s Bean Stalk look like a stunted house plant.

And that’s t-all Podners.