Pioneertown, Country Showplace, Sold at Auction to L.A. Men

San Bernardino County’s Old West showplace, Pioneertown, has been sold for $80,400 to two Los Angeles automobile dealers who were members of the Pioneertown, Inc., board of directors, it was announced by Security Title Insurance Co.

The sale of the antiquated town and it’s surrounding 20,000 acres was handled at public auction at the San Bernardino County Courthouse by J.W. Berry, assistant secretary of the title company.

Security Title was holder of a trust deed to the property for a $60,000 loan made in 1946 to Fletcher Jones and William Murphy, the Los Angeles automobile men, who were directors on the Pioneertown board.

The promissory note was made out to Jackson Diggs and Charles and Lelah C. Halton, according to information on file with County Clerk Harry L. Allison.

After Jones and Murphy gave a notice of default on June 30, saying they were unable to comply with the terms of the loan–interest had shoved the amount up to around $80,000 — the property was scheduled to go on auction Dec. 17.

However, a restraining order was obtained by Attys. Daniel J. Cowett and Charles E. Ward in behalf of Pioneer Studio Locations, Inc., for a short time.

The studio, makers of the Cisco Kid film series, asked that its 25-year lease on the property be cleared before the sale was made.

This done, the $80,400 bid of Jones and Murphy was made, making them the owners of the property.

Jan. 22, 1954 - The San Bernardino County Sun