Here we are back with a little news of the “goings on” in and around Pioneertown.

We all welcomed the opening of the Golden Stallion Saturday after their two-month vacation. Of course, your genial host, Frank Gee, has been busy getting the dining room redecorated and all spic and span. Sunday evening a large group from Desert Hot Springs came in for a birthday party. We are sorry we don’t know the last names, but it was Rose and her gang and they sure have fun when they come to visit at Pioneertown. Everyone enjoyed the piano and uke playing and all joined in the singing. Who was playing the spoons?

No strangers to this part of the desert are Eddie and Beth Ritter of South Gate. They dropped in this weekend to visit with Irene and Chet Lemke at the popular Red Dog.

Welcome to our new residents of Pioneertown. Agnes and Jack Cave, formerly from Los Angeles, have moved into their home here. They purchased and remodeled the Naylor home last year.

Della and Jack Piper have moved into their new home and Gilman Hot Springs’ loss is our good fortune.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Elliott, who live in the Ramsdale house are also new residents.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson are spending a few days in their home on Mane Street.

Robin and Jack Crumb of San Gabriel were here for the weekend. And as usual, busy working on their home.

Sorry I missed seeing Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Mcclintock from down Culver City way, when they were here this weekend.

Those extra big smiles on Mr. and Mrs. Bridges’ faces were caused from the pleasure of seeing Trigger Bill’s sisters and husbands last Sunday and Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wood of Los Angeles and Mr. and Mrs. George Gilman of La Harpe, Ill. Although Mrs. Gilman has visited in California several times, this was her first trip in several years, and a happy reunion with her family was the result.

Cecil Riding and his assistant barber from Indio were visiting in and around Pioneertown last Sunday. Remember way back when Cecil was the barber in Pioneertown?

Fred Marble and his friend, Pete, drove over from Eagle Mountain last weekend and were up visiting with Chet Lernke.

Irvine Eubanks spent the weekend at his home here. He still claims Monrovia for his home, but we all know how much he loves the desert.

Velma and E. J. Mathisen, former residents of Pioneertown who now live in 29 Palms, spent Sunday with Hester Downing and mother, Mrs. Lorene Correll.

March 6. - Hi-Desert Star article clipping