Pioneertown Trek

Two Horseman's groups, the Sheriff Rangers and Big Bear Riders photo
Two Horseman’s groups, the Sheriff Rangers and Big Bear Riders, took part Tuesday in the fifth annual track from Big Bear Lake to Pioneertown. The first party from Big Bear (left) arrived at Rim Rock Canyon and is greeted by a desert delegation comprised of William R. (Doc) Martin, H. L. Starr, Bob Brownell, Paul Perrin, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Kenney, John Rieiswig and George White. The Big Bear delegation: Capt. Kendall J. Stone, Ed Baker, Floyd and Janet Tidwell, John and Nancy Hudson, Dee Richardson and Bud Cardos. Photo by (Gene Kenwood)
the Big Bear Lake Horseman's group photo
RIM ROCK RENDEZVOUS–Sheriff Frank Bland (right) is greeted by William R. (Doc) Martin of Twentynine Palms when the Big Bear Lake Horseman’s group arrived at Rim Rock Canyon on their way to Pioneertown. Following the annual ride Tuesday dinner was held at the Golden Stallion. (Photo by Gene Kenwood)
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Sept. 15, 1955 - The San Bernardino County Sun article clipping

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