Storm isolates Pioneertown

PIONEERTOWN—The roads leading into this small community northwest of Yucca Valley have been washed out for five days.

The community is isolated.

Pioneertown Road is closed indefinitely and Pipes Canyon Road is blocked, the rugged, unpaved Skyline Road is privately owned.

Mail for the 450 persons who get their letters in Pioneertown has not been delivered from Yucca Valley since last Saturday.

Local residents described the roads as “raging rivers” and the town’s volunteer fire department is on standby alert for emergencies.

The road to Pioneertown has been closed several times in the past 20 years by winter storms. “We always have waited it out and tried to stay prepared,” said longtime resident Ron Young.

The California Department of Forestry said it will attempt to get emergency equipment through the blocked area if conditions worsen.

The townspeople seemed to be taking the isolation in stride. The owner of the Cantina Tavern hosted a chili potluck Tuesday night

Although Highway 62 remains open through the Morongo Basin, it was badly flooded in spots between Yucca Valley and Morongo Valley and between Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree.

Feb. 21, 1980 - The San Bernardino County Sun article clipping