Studio Selects Pioneertown for Production Site

Permanent facilities to be located at colorful community

Plans for the permanent location of a motion picture studio in Pioneertown, west of Twentynine Palm, we’re disclosed at a meeting of the San Bernardino County board of supervisors by Dick Curtis, president and general manager of Pioneertown Inc.

Mr. Curtis said that Inter-American Productions, maker of the Cisco kid series, will build a sound stage in the community and will move its officers and other facilities there.

Permanent employees of the company will establish their homes in Pioneer town and several noted screen stars are expected to build cottages in the colorful desert community.


Inter-American will begin work on some of the facilities about October 1. The company’s Cisco Kid movies star Duncan Renaldo as Cisco and Leo Carrillo as Poncho. The pictures are released through a major studio.

Pioneertown has been under development for many months, being built along the lines of a desert community of nearly a century ago. Many of the storefronts were designed for use as movie sets with officers of Pioneertown Inc. originally planning to interest studios in using the town facilities for shooting various scenes.

The new development will be a real boon to the community.

Pioneertown for production site clipping