Three Fires Claim Two Landmarks

YUCCA VALLEY (AP) – Three fires in a week house burned down picturesque pioneer towns only two bars.

The Golden Stallion restaurant sustained $50,000 damage from a blaze Sunday, the California Division of Forestry said, following a blaze two days earlier that cost $45,000 damage to the Red Dog Saloon.

The earliest fire – last Monday – cars $3,500 damage to the Red Barn, now a private home. A state forestry officials said the fires were unrelated.

Pioneertown, which has approximately 50 permanent residence, was built as a movie set in the mid-1940s in the desert for miles west hear. The movie firms left in 1955, however, and the town has since become a tourist attraction.

The Golden stallion restaurant was purchased six months ago my television star Jack Bailey. Officials said employees lighted cigarette apparently caused the blaze.

Friday’s fire apparently was started by the kitchen stove and last Monday’s fire was attributed to poor wiring, officials said.

fire claims landmark clipping