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Dec. 11, 1979 featured image

Pioneertown plan delayed

Concerned that there may not be an adequate source of supply, county supervisors Monday postpone action for at least a month on a proposal to start design of a new water system for Pioneertown, near Yucca Valley.
Apr. 1, 1980 featured image

Supervisors back water loan effort

A special district officials said the new system, which additionally would serve about 100 homes and businesses would replace a private one that is undersized and deteriorated and that has about 40 connections. A number of residents now reportedly must have water hauled to their homes.
Sept. 26, 1980 - Pioneer Pass Golf featured image

Pioneer Pass Golf

The longest golf course in the world is opened each year for the annual Pioneer Pass Gold Challenge. The 27-mile course begins at Baldwin Lake and ends at Blue Skies Country Club in Yucca Valley.
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