Earl Wilson

NEW YORK – We used to kid the movies about being illogical – but now TV has converted a beauty from Flatbush, Brooklyn into a cowgirl.

Miss Jackie Loughery made the jump from subway-riding to range-riding. Not long ago, Jackie was a model, toting her hatbox as she swung swivel-hipped through wild and woolly Manhattan shooting down wolves and fresh guys with a fiery glance or sharp word.

No Flatbush Floozie, Jackie’d gone to the St. Francis Xavier Academy for Young Ladies, and everywhere she and her 21-inch waist and pretty legs were highly spoken of.

“I’d never ridden a horse in my life,” says Jackie.

“After all, we don’t have a lot of broncos back where I come from in Brooklyn, U.S.A.”

There came a picture contract and a husband, Guy Mitchell, the singer—and Jackie eventually gave up both – and then she was asked to play a cowgirl in a filmed TV series, called “Judge Roy Bean.”

“The first day I took a lesson in riding, I fell right on my head,” Jackie says.

“I have a double for the tough parts,” added Jackie. “She fell on her head, too, and went to the hospital.”

Maybe the horses resented cowgirls from Brooklyn.

Jackie’s an 1870’s cowgal living in Texas in the series. That was before cowboys did their cowpunching by Cadillac.

“I wear a pistol down at the bottom of my pantaloons in a holster,” Jackie relates. “The pantaloons stretch all the way to my insteps. Of course, in time of an emergency, I pull my whole dress up and fire!”

And with the ballooning pantaloons showing, of course, that’s a sexy sight.

Jackie was back in Brooklyn recently telling her Flatbush friends about “Judge Roy Bean.”

He was a storekeeper in Langtry, Texas, who set himself up as a one-man court as “the law west of Pecos.”

He’s played by Edgar Buchanan, and Jackie’s his niece. Jack Beutel and Russell Hayden help the Brooklyn cowgal mess up the western landscape with bodies and things.

To keep everything western, I had Jackie tell me about it at my wild west apartment – over on Wild West End Avenue.

“We film it at Pioneertown, Cal., a town with about nine people, 35 miles from Palm Springs,” says Jackie.

Jackie’ also in several upcoming movies, including RKO’s “Tennessee’s Partner,” which comes to the Palace,. Though she’s been around for some time, only once has a producer – and that was a “so-called producer – tried to get fresh. He was a New Yorker who never got anywhere in his profession.

“My parents kept a good watch over me,” says Jackie. “I was going to go into the Copacabana chorus when I was 17, but they wouldn’t let me. They didn’t approve of me coming home to Brooklyn at 4 o’clock in the morning.”

After all, those Brooklyn subway cowboys are pretty wild and woolly, too.

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