Plans for new development, and a new board of directors of the in Pioneertown Corp., was announced yesterday by John Martel, new board secretary and counsel for Pioneertown Corp. The announcement followed the resignation from the board of Bill Murphy, Fletcher Jones and Charles L. Nichols, former officers in the corporation.

New members are R.C. Ellis, of Pioneertown, president; Russell Hayden of Hollywood, vice-president; Harry Altoff of Sherman Oaks, Martel Ferris of Yucca Valley, and John Martel of Santa Ana and Yucca Valley, secretary-treasurer and legal counsel.

Water System

“Of primary importance is the reorganization and improvement of the water system at Pioneertown and Rimrock,” stated Martel. “We plan to sell some of the Pioneertown Corp. lands in order to finance the water development,” he said.

1955 town development article clipping