Film Luminaries Buy Desert Site

Twentynine Palms Chosen for Pictures

A syndicate of motion picture personalities yesterday announced purchase of 13,000 acres of desert land near Twentynine Palms for a combination wild west resort and movie studio location site. The syndicate said it hoped to find sufficient noncritical building material to have the “pioneertown project open for business in 90 days.

Scene of the development is on the eastern slope of the San Bernardino mountains, and complete movie stages and outdoor location equipment will be installed.

A dude ranch, guest lodges, swimming pool, and old-fashioned western street and town will be constructed.

Backers of the project include Roy Rogers, Sons of the Pioneers, Directors Frank McDonald, Thomas Carr and Ralph Sanford, Dick Curtis, portrayer of western villains, and other actors.

The site was chosen as the scene for outdoor films where the picture makers can get away from the city distractions and noise of airplanes.

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