Mustang Mellers Totaling Up To $20,000,000 in Oats

Hollywood, March 26.

High-budget western films will get the heaviest play in Hollywood history this year, with more than $20,000,000 bracketed for production of super-saddlers. Leading the field is David O. Selznick’s “Duel in the Sun'” whose cost now exceed $5,000,000.

Other expensive pictures of the western scene are “California,” at Paramount; “My Darling Clementine” at 20th-Fox; “Ramrod” and “The Fugitive” at Enterprise; “Cheyenne,” “Calamity Jane” and ” Treasure of the Sierra Madre” at Warners; and “the Fabulous Texans,” “Wyoming” and “The Plainsman and the Lady” at Republic.

Pioneertown Corp. recently organized by 17 members of the film business, bought 13,000 acres of desert land near Palm Springs as the site of a dude ranch and motion picture location. Project calls for sound stage, outdoor shooting spots and hotel accommodations for 300 guests.

Backing the idea with coin are Roy Rogers, Philo J. Harvey, Dick Curtis, Russ Hayden, Tim Spencer, Bob Nolan, Carl Farr, Lloyd Perryman, Pat Brady, Ken Carson, Shug Fisher, Frank McDonald, Thomas Carr, Ralph Sanford, Tom London, Marvin Grigsby and Jerry Stanley.