Harvey in Hollywood

(Editor’s Note: The author of “Harvey in Hollywood,” a weekly feature, is a former Council Grove youth who is now making a name for himself in the movies. His column appears in several west-coast papers. A former employee of The Republican, he has consented to its use in the Ol’ Home Town paper as often as space will permit, and the editor believes that it will be of interest to readers to get his point of view of Hollywood.)

Hi Neighbors! Several times we have said here that TV is going to mean a lot of work for the folks of Hollywood. Another proof came into being today in a survey taken in New York City. It showed that, if run of full schedule, the seven TV stations’ of Metropolitan New York City could exhibit Hollywood’s entire annual output of feature films in one week! We believe that just as radio gave the recording industry the best years of it’s production life, so will TV give Hollywood the greatest upsurge of employment ever known. Check with us five years from now so that we can say… “We told you so!”

LEO (Pancho) CARRILLO, the Mayor of Yucca Valley, hits the road early in November. He will tour as Master of Ceremonies with the American Legion’s “Red, White and Blue” revue. It opens in El Paso, Texas on November 3rd.

FAMILY AFFAIR: Jean, Our Missouri Bride, grabbed off a top role in “Gun Point,” the new Jocko Mahoney western that rolls at Pioneertown this week. It’s a fast-talking comedy part, and no one knows better than we do just how fast that gal can talk. (P.S. Yours Truly is going along to do his usual cowboy killer.)

LIONELL BARRYMORE turned disc jockey on Halloween and spun platters over KFACE in Hollywood. By some strange twist, Mr. Barrymore’s own composition, “Halloween Suite” was featured.

STAN LAUREL, (of Laurel & Hardy team) is seriously ill of food poisoning at a Paris, France hospital. also there are money complications that mean serious trouble for the comic.

Harvey in Hollywood Nov. 13, 1950