Hi Neighbors! Once again our copy is datelined PIONEERTOWN. JEAN, our Missouri Bride and Yours Truly are up here in the high desert this week making a couple of TV Westerns with that bright new Western Star, JOCK O’ MAHONEY. We sort of feel a bit of paternal pride in JOCK because we were only one of the first Hollywood reporters to wave his flag on high and name him as a rising star. JOCK is really on the busy side now. He has 26 of these TV Westerns… (you’ll soon see them on CBS-TV stations coast-to-coast)… to make, he has just signed to do a series of 6 full length features and the Aussies want him to come back down-under to star in two more pics to follow up the very great “Kangaroo Kid” he made there last year. This boy is on his way and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. By the way, young DICK JONES, who is teamed with JOCK in this series, is another one to watch… he’s good!

We visited with PAT BUTTRAM last Sunday. He’s still bedded at the INCR Memorial Hospital in 29 Palms, but is well on his way to a complete recovery. He asked us to say, and we quote, “Please say thanks to the hundreds of folks who have written to me. I may not be able to answer them all, but tell them their cards and letters had a lot to do with my recovery and I won’t forget them… ever.”

COWBOY AND INDIANS: A group of Arizona Indians have found out, the hard way, that making movies is not the soft touch so many believe it to be, after a day of trying to keep up with rough-riding RANDOLPH SCOTT in the making of Columbia’s “Santa Fe,” the redmen held a council meeting and gave RANDY and Indian name. They dubbed him, “Im-Hod-Quak-Quatl – O-Hod-Quak-Tlat!” Believe it or not, that translates to: “Chief-He-Can-Take-It – And-He-Can-Keep-It!”

If you think Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First” routine is mixed up, get WILD TEX BUTLER to tell you where his home town of TURKEY, Texas, is located! It shouldn’t happen to Rand-McNally!

Just in case you care. the real name of TONY DEXTER, the new Valentino, is Walter Reinhold Alfred Frederick Fleischman.

Hollywood Leg Man: HOWARD DUFF, new film tough guy, fell up the stairs of his hilltop house the other nite and broke a leg, while BURT LANCASTER, he-man hero, has suffered so many leg injuries in the making of “Jim Thorpe-All American” that Warner’s have insured his “gams” for a million dollars!

If you are the owner of a real “Dead End Kid” house cat, Paramount may want to talk to you. they are looking for a rough and tough, strictly “he” cat to play “Rhubarb” in their upcoming pic of the same name. Maybe Tome can earn his fish and chips if you put him… IN THE MOVIES!

Harvey in Hollywood Nov. 9, 1950