Harvey in Hollywood

(Editor’s Note: The author of “Harvey in Hollywood,” a weekly feature, is a former Council Grove youth who is now making a name for himself in the movies. His column appears in several west-coast papers. A former employee of The Republican, he has consented to its use in the Ol’ Home Town paper as often as a space will permit, and the editor believes that it will be of interest to readers to get his point of view of Hollywood.)

Hi Neighbors! Only this time it isn’t “Harvey In Hollywood,” it’s Harvey in Pioneertown… the home of Western movies! Yep, riding thataway with GENE AUTRY again and this time we are taking it very easy. Only kill one hombre in two pictures and for us… that’s a vacation. Hope they don’t pick up our “Killer’s Guild” card!

You know, there’s something about this high desert country and the people who live here that is very good. The people are quiet, sincere and friendly, but they never push themselves or the hustle-bustle Hollywood folks who come up here to shoot pictures. They just take it easy, and seem to know that whatever may happen today; tomorrow will come along on schedule and smooth it all our, just like the night wind wipes out the footprints in the drifting desert sand. Living up here sort of unties the knots we all hav, and after a couple of lazy days under the sun, you find yourself just easin’ along and enjoying life!

Yes sir, if you’ll allow ol’ Doc Harvey to write a prescription for you… it’ll read something like this: Take seven days of easy desert life; mix gentry with your regular way of life and allow it to simmer under the sun until slightly brown. Pour back into your personal mould and enjoy it to the fullest for the rest of your life! That’s called a desert holiday delight… we recommend it!

This location trip has allowed us to renew a lot of old friendships ad make some good new ones. GENE AUTRY, still the same swell guy he always was…working just a little harder than anyone else on the company, and really meaning it when he says…”How are you Don, sure glad to have you back with us.” Some day we hope to meet another millionaire, ‘cause Gene doesn’t act like a guy with a million dollars is supposed to act, if you can believe all the stories you hear. Gene acts just like the guy down the street… and this we like.

Then there’s PAT BUTTRAM, the guy with the permanent wave voice. He’s all recovered from that terrible accident, and now worries about nothing but laughs. And those he gets… but good!

Our friend, GEORGE ARCHINBAUD is directing and that means we’ll get a good picture without anyone being killed. George believes that a director is the coach of a team, not the team and so everybody works a little harder for him. LOU GRAY is the producer and when you can make jokes with the producer, you know he’s not the usual Hollywood type!

By this time you probably have figured out that we are enjoying yourself this week. And if this column doesn’t give you very much Hollywood news or scandal, it’s just that, frankly, we are not too interested in what is happening this week… IN THE MOVIES!

Harvey in Hollywood July 23, 1951 clipping