Ray Millard, Cat Star In ‘Rhubarb’

HOLLYWOOD — There’s nothing like an author being sold on his subject.

During a recent trip to Hollywood for conferences with director Arthur Libin on “Rhubarb,” his best-selling novel about a cat bequested ownership of a Brooklyn baseball club. Famed writer H. Allen Smith gathered with material for a magazine story on Pioneertown, resort development near Palm Springs.

After writing his story and reading of the proofs, Smith was so impressed that he bought several acres at the resort–site on scene–and plans to build a home there at a future date.

“Rhubarb” stars Ray Millard, Jan Sterling and a tom cat. It is the first H. Allen Smith story to be filled and its benefits from the laugh techniques so I really developed by H. Allen in such tomes as “Low Man on a Totem Pole.”

Sept. 22, 1951 - The Salt Lake Tribune article clipping