Harvey in Hollywood

(Editor’s Note: The author of “Harvey in Hollywood,” a weekly feature, is a former Council Grove youth who is now making a name for himself in the movies. His column appears in several west-coast papers. A former employee of The Republican, he has consented to its use in the Ol’ Home Town paper as often as space will permit, and the editor believes that it will be of interest to readers to get his point of view of Hollywood.)

Hi Neighbor! This week we talk about movies and the people who make them. DANNY KAYE, who left SAM GOLDWYN to sign with the Warner Brothers, is now tearing up his contract and leaving the Burbank lot. He has made only one of the five pictures his contract called for, but the break has been called amicable. It’s our bet that DANNY forms a company of his own for indie production.

JACK BENNY has finally made a statement about his TV future, but he left plenty of room for changes. JACK says he won’t do a regular TV show as long as he has a radio program and that he will have a radio program as long as radio is a top medium. That’s what we call a safe statement!

And by the way ROCHESTER may be the third member of the Benny crew to have his own air show. He’s been offered either a five-a-week strip or a half-hour comedy show.

The Marshal of Gunsight Pass,” starring PIONEERTOWN’S president, RUSS HAYDEN bowed in on KECA-TV last Thursday nite at 7 and Variety called it… “high caliber live western fare.” The show is the best local show we’ve seen and should have a happy future. RUSS and his comedy side-kick, ROSCOE ATES carried top honors, with WES (Desert Rat) HUDMAN crowding them with his tough western heavy role. The SONS OF THE PIONEERS were tops as usual in the music line.

SUNLAND gets a new Drive-In Theatre, a 700 car one, set to open in May. And did you know that Los Angeles has a Drive In Church? Operated last summer for the first time and was a great success!

JACK INGRAM, the Best Badman In Pictures, is set to leave his Woodland Hills ranch on a personal appearance tour that will take him all the way to France. Hey, JACK, how do you say… “They went thataway” in French, huh?

We hope the rumors we are hearing about JUDY GARLAND are not true. They say JUDY’S health is not so good, and that the doctors are worrying. Judy’s one gal who has had enough trouble for awhile.

Bib VIC McLAGLEN is limping around town as the result of an accident. One of his horses stepped on his ankle, but hard. What ever happened to VIC’S famous Black Horse Troupe?

Don’t be surprised if open warfare breaks out on the MGM lot. GENE KELLY and FRANK SINATRA are about as friendly as Rossellini and Lindstrom… and that just ain’t friendly!

Dept. of Confusion: CHARLIE CHAPLIN announces that none of his films will be seen on TV because no one can afford to pay him what they are worth. On the same day that Charlie made his statement, TV station KNBH announced his “The Count” as a feature show for Monday nite!

RANDY SCOTT, one of our favorite cowboys, is down with a bad cold, and Warners are worried about the schedule on his new epic. .. . “Sugarfoot.”

PHIL KRASNE has announced that two new CISCO KID pics will be made in March. As we predicted DERWIN ABRAHAMS directs.

ROY ROGERS just bought a new trailer for TRIGGER. It’s air-conditioned, and has four stalls in case TRIGGER wants to have company! A horse has a tough life… IN THE MOVIES!

Harvey in Hollywood Feb. 22, 1950 article clipping