Movie Celebrities to Launch Development of
‘World’s Most Unusual City’ on Desert Today

Development of Pioneertown, a unique motion picture location and resort community north of Yucca Valley, off the Twenty-nine Palms highway, will be formally launched today with ground-breaking ceremonies and an all-day celebration, according to Dick Curtis, President and general manager.

The community will be developed on a 13,000-acre tract by a syndicate of Hollywood movie figures and advertised as the “World’s Newest and Most Unusual City.”

Members of the San Bernardino County board of supervisors have been invited to attend the opening celebration as special guests.

Chartered planes will take representatives of the movie industry to the ground-breaking affair. A buffet luncheon will be served in the afternoon.

Among Hollywood celebrities who have promised to appear, according to Mr. Curtis, are Roy Rogers, Lucille Ball, Yvonne De Carlo, Janis Page, Martha Vickers, John Carrol, Robert Mitchum and the Sons of the Pioneers, who will also furnish the music.

Pioneertown’s business district will be one of the most unusual in America. All buildings on the principal thoroughfare, Main street, will have move set fronts. Mr. Curtis said the movie fronts will not only be used by motion picture companies for film work but will give the desert community a pioneer days atmosphere.

Officers of the Pioneertown corporation, in addition to Mr. Curtis, are Thomas Carr, first vice-president; Frank McDonald, second vice-president; Daniel Keohane, secretary; Russel Hayden, treasurer, and Maude Ransom assistant secretary-treasurer. Co-founders include Roy Rogers, the Sons of the Pioneers and others.

Planning commissioner for the development is Alexander Bradner, architect, while Fred Moninger is his associate.

Sept. 1, 1946 - The San Bernardino County Sun article clipping