Pioneertown Coming To Take Part in Western Week Parade Sunday

Pioneertown, the new “old west” development in the San Bernardino mountains will send a large delegation to Palm Springs tomorrow to take part in the fourth annual Western Week.

They’ll come 40 horses, 60 men and three horse-drawn vehicles strong to take part in the big parade Sunday.

The Pioneertown delegation will be composed of the Rawhiders, a riding club headed by Curtis Bush, president, with Joan Hayes, chief of the ride.

The Rawhiders will make the 46-mile trek from Pioneertown by horse power arriving here tomorrow night. They’ll bring their own chuckwagon and camp tomorrow night at the Field Club.

Sunday they’ll be in the Big Parade and then trek back–by horse power again–to Pioneertown.

Oct. 17, 1947 - The Desert Sun article clipping