Short Cut Proves Myth and Gives Raiders a Wild Ride

Don’t ever take a stranger’s advice on a short cut.

Carl Henderson of the Desert Raiders, Palm Desert riding outfit, brought hack a tale of a wild ride from Big Bear to Shadow Mountain club last week as the organization and guests undertook a ride from mountains to desert for the opening of the new Round Up room at Palm Desert.

All went well from the time of start. Wednesday, the 12th. with arrival timed for the opening party, until the party listened to the story of the short cut.

FROM BIG BEAR to Pioneertown, the first night’s stop, it was one grand ride with lunch at the abandoned Rose mine. There were 20 in the party, three pack mules. Little Raider, the Desert Raiders’ mascot, and the chuck wagon.

The night at Pioneertown was lone of fun. feasting and square dancing. Next morning the party took off for Yucca, where after a short stop, they were informed of a short cut through the canyon which would save many hours.

THINKING of the steaks awaiting them at Bubbling Wells, the party fell for the short cut talk and were off. But late that night they were back in Yucca, minus some of their horses and much equipment, after scaling straight up and down hills and being trapped in a blind canyon.

The next day they hired a truck, filled it with hay and were off again, keeping up a steady pace and arriving at the Round Up room in time for the party and to tell of their wild day and night in the lost canyon. But it was a grand ride for all.

Oct. 25, 1949 - Desert Sun