Sons of Pioneers Dedicate Record

Arlene Bramham

Well, here we are ready to get you hep on your latest music fans and records, and to get started there is a super records out by Johnny Mercer. “Sugar Blues” is on one side and “Why Should I Cry Over You?” on the other side.

One of the members of the Sons of the Pioneers has written a tune that has a interesting story behind it. The tune, “Out in Pioneertown“, has to do with a new community that is being built in California, and it tells about all the things that the new town will have.

For all you jive fiends we have a record that is going to be tops in your collection. It is “Relaxin’ at the Truno” with Muggsy Spanier and his Ragtime Band. On the other side is “I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”, and if you miss this recording you are going to be sorry.

Many of you Koslelanetz fans whose favorites are “Jalousie”, “The Swan”, “Yours Is My Heart Alone” will probably find them at your local music dealer now.

Nov. 6, 1947 - The Monocle