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Golden Stallion Pioneertown

Golden Stallion Pioneertown featured image
Golden Stallion has made Pioneertown famous for finest Chinese food in the state. There is plenty to see at Pioneertown besides this outstanding eating place. The entire town is built for shooting motion pictures. Buildings have been copied from original old west streets. The Golden Stallion is open every day in the week except Monday, 12 noon to 10 p.m. - 11 p.m. Saturday nights.

On Auction Block
A Dream Goes Haywire

Dec. 17, 1953 featured image
Pioneertown, once the dream of movies to reproduce the western scene goes on the auction block today, Dec. 17. Here's a chance to buy a whole town and revise its former glory as a replica of old West when pounding hoofs on main street and shots from the Red Dog marked its gay career.

Village Group Joins In Trek To Big Bear

June 16, 1955 featured image
The lead car carried the slogan "We Want a Road to Big Bear," and cars carried banners for their own villages. Civic leaders and members of the Associated Chambers of Commerce who handled the caravan were: Ted Richardson of Twentynine Palms, President of the Associated Chambers; Marty Dodge, secretary, of Joshua Tree; and Jules Boltazar, chairman of the caravan of Yucca Valley.

Pioneertown Gets New Paper: ‘Jackass Mail’

Jackass Mail featured image
Take Pioneertown, near Yucca Valley, a very small community, with stores and businesses one can count on one hand. It has its own newspaper; “Jackass Mail.” Type is hand set. The four column five page paper is small but July 1 weekend 500 persons bought every single copy at 15 cents.

On The Trail

July 29, 1965 featured image
Shown getting in shape for the Aug. 5 start of the Pioneertown to Big Bear Burro Derby is Lio Pedrezzano of Desert Hot Springs, a veteran mule pusher in these events. The burros and their drivers leave Pioneertown Aug. 5 with stops scheduled at Yucca Valley, Landers and Lucerne Valley before reaching Big Bear Aug. 7. The wrangler must lead, push and shove the obstreperous burro over much of the rugged terrain.

C of C Delegates Attend Meeting of Pioneer Loop

Apr. 21, 1966 featured image
The executive committee of the Pioneer Loop Organization Will meet at 7:30 tonight (April 21) at the San Gorgonio Savings and Loan Assn. conference room at Banning. Agenda includes discussion of bylaws, appointments of a nominating committee for both active and honorary officers and board of directors.

Intrepid Travelers

Aug. 3, 1967 featured image
Led by Dr. and Mrs Richard Nahhas local residents journeyed by caravan to the Pioneer Loop Assn’s recent meeting at Big Bear. They took the back road from Pioneertown to dramatize the need for a Pioneertown to Big Bear highway, part of a new scenic drive from the low to high desert.