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Pioneertown was founded in 1946 by a group of Western actors who had been several plans to develop the land surrounding Pioneertown and make it a resort.

Pioneertown Opens At Desert Sunday

Pioneertown Opens At Desert Sunday By auto caravan and special plane, Hollywood celebrities will arrive at the townsite of Pioneertown this coming Sunday for ground breaking exercise. This new town will rise in the San Bernardino mountains just 20 miles…

Sept 3, 1946 - Hollywood Citizen News clipping

Pioneertown Fete Attended by 2000

Pioneertown Fete Attended by 2000 More than two thousand persons joined civic leaders of San Bernardino and Hollywood motion picture executives and celebrities in Labor Day ground breaking ceremonies at Pioneertown. Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, 22 miles from…

Sept. 1, 1947 featured image

Westerns Now Booming New Desert Hollywood

The classic advice, “Go west, young man,” is now being amended to “Go east, slightly.” For, in a saga of modern pioneering that sounds like Hollywood repeating itself, the movie makers are establishing a new frontier at Pioneertown, 125 miles east of Los Angeles and less than five miles up into the San Bernadino Mountains from Yucca Valley. There they are producing and will produce fittingly westerns.
Feb. 23, 1947 featured image

Town to Have Pioneer Style

With architecture and atmosphere of the colorful pioneer West, a new community already named Pioneertown, sponsored by motion-picture personalities, is envisaged for an area in the San Bernardino Mountains, according to announcements in the past week. Plans for its construction are being furthered.
Mar. 25, 1947 featured image

The Desert Sun Full Page Ad

his full-page advertisement for the Pioneertown Land Company was run in the Desert Sun on March 25th, 1947. This advertisement features Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and the Sons of the Pioneers, after whom the town is named after. This ad was the first big push to get people interested in Pioneertown. This was during the height of the popularity of the Western Movie.