Mustang Mellers Totaling Up To $20,000,000 in Oats

Variety #161 - March 1946
Pioneertown Corp. recently organized by 17 members of the film business, bought 13,000 acres of desert land near Palm Springs as the site of a dude ranch and motion picture location. Project calls for sound stage, outdoor shooting spots and hotel accommodations for 300 guests.

Autry Pic Comic Drews Same Spot in Vidfilms

Pat Buttram, who plays comic lead in Gene Autry's feature-length Columbia releases, has been set for same slot in Autry's half-hour video films which get underway at Pioneertown tomorrow (10). Autry will make six of the films first. These will be submitted to Phil Wrigley and CBS for approval. If okayed, he'll me 46 more.

Pioneertown, A ‘Location’ Site, Up for Auction

Pioneertown, A ‘Location’ Site, Up for Auction Hollywood, Dec. 29 PIoneertown, 20,000-acre old west tourist showtown, the site of many a cowboy opera, goes on the auction block Wednesday (30) at San Bernardino county courthouse. Security Title Insurance Co. is…