As they have every spring for the past 10 years, 20 to 25 members of Los Compadres riding group will hit the trail once again next Sunday for a four-day ride through the desert. The group will trailer their horses to Pioneertown Sunday and camp out in that area until Wednesday night. Chairman of the ride is Hutch Moseley and president of Los Compadres is Del Smith. Many other club members will join the group briefly at various times during the ride.

HIGHLIGHTS of the early week event will be a Tuesday guest night at Golden Stallion Inn in Pioneertown when all club members will he invited to dinner and cocktails at the famed eating spot. At other times the going will be rough, however, according to spokesman Billie Moseley. The outfit will take along it’s own chuck wagon from which they will cook all food. In the past a hired cook accompanied the riders. On the food committee are Mrs. Moseley. Virginia Paul and  Mildred Sanders.

SUNDAY the Los Compadres will ride 18 miles to Smidt ranch and return next day by a different mule. Tuesday they will clop to beautiful Pipes canyon, nine miles from Pioneertown and Wednesday they will travel to Morongo and Yucca.

Riders who will be on the trail the entire four days are the man and wife teams of Perry Sanders Elly Windhurst, Hutch Moseley, Del Smith, Kenny Paul, Bill Rogers, Jimmy Cooper, Bud Millerman and Arthur Bridvik. Singles will he Earl Hough, Esther Driscoll, Joe Haffner, Claire Woodmansee and Ronnie Windslow.

May 18, 1951 - Desert Sun