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Tag Pioneertown Land Development

These are newspaper articles with stories involving the development of the land and community surrounding Pioneertown Ca. USA.

Mar. 25, 1947 featured image

The Desert Sun Full Page Ad

his full-page advertisement for the Pioneertown Land Company was run in the Desert Sun on March 25th, 1947. This advertisement features Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and the Sons of the Pioneers, after whom the town is named after. This ad was the first big push to get people interested in Pioneertown. This was during the height of the popularity of the Western Movie.
Grizzly Bear November 1947 -FI

Pioneertown Is Fast Growing Desert Community

Pioneertown, in San Bernardino County, a fast growing mountain and desert year-around resort. This unique resort promises to be the greatest opportunity for real old Western and outdoor lovers to really enjoy life and have a real investment in the future as well.
March 30, 1948 - Lancaster New Era featured image

Desert Real Estate Is Booming

A swarm of newcomers to these parts, mostly promoters from Hollywood, are beating the sage brush here–making out lots, surveying roads and drawing up glamorous plans for proposed clubhouses, airports, swimming pools, apartment hotels and the like.
June 29, 1948 featured image

Pioneertown Expansion Announced At Resort in Hills

Pioneertown, a mountain community about 6O miles from Palm Springs, has recently added 12,000 acres to its original holdings of 13,000 acres and is opening its third subdivision. Executives of the Pioneertown corporation also have announced that a utility company will bring in electrical power lines within the next 60 days to replace the corporation’s own generating plant.
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