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These are newspaper articles with stories involving the development of drinking water in Pioneertown California.

July 11, 1948 featured image

Redlands Man Seeks Water
From Bennett Springs

The division has also received an application of the Pioneertown corporation of Yucca Valley to appropriate 20,000 gallons per day from Burns Creek, Tributary to Pipes creek, for domestic purposes, to the cost an estimated $47,500, and that of Richard D. Rutledge of for the mastic water from Mesquite Springs, tributary to Seales lake bed. The work will cost an estimated $1000.
Aug. 29, 1979 featured image

Pioneertown Hearing set on water

The county's Special District Department is recommending formation of an improvement zone for the small community north of Yucca Valley but is suggesting an advisory election prior to a proposed one-year $122 fee on the 300 properties in the area to finance design of a system.
Apr. 1, 1980 featured image

Supervisors back water loan effort

A special district officials said the new system, which additionally would serve about 100 homes and businesses would replace a private one that is undersized and deteriorated and that has about 40 connections. A number of residents now reportedly must have water hauled to their homes.