Phony Face of Pioneertown Has Looked Out
at Hoss Opera Fans From Some 200 Films

Should anyone know of a boulevardier without a boulevard, the local main street is for hire at $25 a day. In this home of the hoss opera, however, it is called Mane St. There is a big sign as you drive in from the desert hills and it says, “Please Do Not Drive on Mane St.” This is a sort of one-yak town.

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Headed for a Showdown

Pioneertown residents can’t agree whether to cling to their backwater identity or court the entertainment industry, which built and then forgot the high desert town.

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Movie set, turned community, turned movie set, struggles with… Indentity

When Roy Rogers, Russ “Lucky” Hayden and other Hollywood cowboys pushed a road up to this high desert hideaway in 1946, they found an ideal Western movie-picture set complete with stout Joshua trees, jumbled granite boulders, and miles of sky.