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News articles and blog posts about Pioneertown that have been recently added to the Pioneertown Sun website.

Pioneertown (10-16-62)

Pioneertown (10-16-62) By CAROLYN EVANS(Too late for last week) Some of the Duarle members of the Les Angeiles Sheriff’s Posse No. 5 staying in Joshua Treeover thee weekend rode up along the Skyline trail to the Red Dog in Pioneertown.…

California Golden Empire

California Golden Empire New Yucca Valley City Plans Restoration of Pioneertown If one listens closely these days, one will hear strange sounds disturbing the normal stillness of California’s high desert. These are the sounds of men and machines as they…

chirstmas on the desert fi

Christmas in Pioneertown

Santa Claus came down Pioneertown’s Mane Street in a covered wagon on December 25, 1947. Pioneertown wasn’t a year old yet, but it was bustling with building and plans. The population had almost reached its peak… there ‘were about 300 people, 68 horses, 43 dogs, 29 cats, 4 canaries, 2 Love Birds and 1 parrot. Eight shops had been built along Mane Street and half a dozen homes had been completed around town. There were a few more homes and a motel in Rimrock.
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