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Random Old Newspaper Articles from 1946 through 1996. Fifty years worth of the unique history of Pioneertown California.

Pioneertown (10-16-62)

Pioneertown (10-16-62) By CAROLYN EVANS(Too late for last week) Some of the Duarle members of the Les Angeiles Sheriff’s Posse No. 5 staying in Joshua Treeover thee weekend rode up along the Skyline trail to the Red Dog in Pioneertown.…

Oct. 6, 1963 featured image

Pioneer Pass Golf Challenge to Open

The Fifth Annual Pioneer Pass Golf Challenge will feature the 28 mile "World's Longest and Only 19th Hole," connecting the Hi-Desert with the resorts of the San Bernardino Mountains. It is sponsored by the Park and Recreation Districts of Big Bear Valley and Yucca Valley.
July 11, 1965 featured image

Burro’s Note Shows He’s Only a Jackass

“The burro race drivers are mean and cruel. When we get tired and lay down they pour sand in our ears or tie ropes around our lower jaw to pull us upon our tired feet. Even Indian Joe in Arizona wasn’t this mean; he only hit us with a piece of cactus. These drivers will tell you they are not cruel to us, but they are liars. The guard turn their heads to such cruelties. One driver even had a prod stick with a wire from electric batteries attached to it. But the batteries were too low to shock us. Go see for yourself, Mr. Buie, and tell your readers to help stop this cruelty, and I’ll give you a ride sometime.
July 21, 1965 featured image

Burro Race Queen Contest Under Way

As one of the kickoff events of the “Miss Burro” contest, some of the young contestants from Big Bear and the Pioneertown- Yucca Valley area exchanged visits and ticket-selling sprees over the weekend, it was reported by Samuel A. Moore, Pioneertown activities chairman.
Jackass Mail featured image

Pioneertown Gets New Paper: ‘Jackass Mail’

Take Pioneertown, near Yucca Valley, a very small community, with stores and businesses one can count on one hand. It has its own newspaper; “Jackass Mail.” Type is hand set. The four column five page paper is small but July 1 weekend 500 persons bought every single copy at 15 cents.
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