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Random Old Newspaper Articles from 1946 through 1996. Fifty years worth of the unique history of Pioneertown California.

Pioneertown Gun Club Being Formed

Pioneertown Gun Club Being Formed Joe Hammett of the Shootin’ Iron gun shop on Mane Street, Pioneertown, is organizing a gun club for the Hi-Desert. Anyone interested in joining the Pioneertown Gun Club can contact Hammett in care of the…

Mar. 3, 1967 featured image

Remember When

The Agua Caliente Indians extended to the Boy Scouts of America a lease in Chino Canyon for a camp, which would not have permanent buildings and would be for the exclusive use of the Boy scouts.
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Cow town

Pioneertown was built in 1947 as a set for western movies, according to Hester Guinan, who has lived in the town for 22 years and has been its Postmaster for 17 years. Among the many cowboy sagas shot there were "Jeopardy" with Barbara Stanwyck, most of the Gene Autry and Cisco Kid films and recently "Tell them Willie Boy is here," starring Robert Redford.
Apr. 17, 1977 featured image

Here’s welcome to Pioneertown

"Yep, things are generally pretty lively around here," says Red Dog Saloon manager Bill Anderson. "But it wasn't always this way. In fact, back in the late 60's and early 70's the town almost died. You see, both the Red Dog and the Golden Stallion saloons burned down. It was ca-ta-strophic," he sighed, remembering that dull period in the town's history.
May 29, 1983 featured image

Pioneertown race

Pioneertown hosts a 40K Biathlon race today, including a 10K run and 30K bicycle trip, starting and finishing at Pioneertown Palace. Men and women compete in age groups of 14-19, 20-29, 30-39 and 40-up, in relays as well as individuals and five-person teams.
Sept. 26, 1983 featured image

‘A Preserve for Eccentricity’

It lies in a tranquil valley of more than 13,000 acres, ringed by sawtooth mountains, some 22 miles from Big Bear Lake. The surroundings are shrouded in both fact and fantasy, with names like Deadman’s Dry Lake, Old Woman Springs, Duncan Flats, Black Lava Butte and Devil’s Garden.
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