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Pioneer Pass Golf Challenge which started as a way to get people interested in funding a road from Big Bear Lake to Pioneertown.

June 14, 1964 featured image

Beauties to Seek Title Of ‘Miss Pioneer Pass’

Only six weeks away, the Pioneer Pass Camera Cavalcade slated for Sunday, July 26, is pulling camera clubs, photographers and models – candidates for title of “Miss Pioneer Pass” –from coastal cities and communities throughout the Hi-Desert, according to a spokesman for the Yucca Valley Park and Recreation District, sponsor of the event.
Aug. 16, 1964 featured image

Five Beauties to Complete for Miss Pioneer Pass Title

"Miss Pioneer Pass" will receive all expenses to the three-day golf event, plus a trophy. She will also win a feature roll in the 30-minute Color and sound shorts, "the 19th hole." The film is to relate the story of the 28-mile historic cattle and mining trail between the Hi-Desert and Bear Valley that serves as the fairway for the "World's Longest and only 19th Hole."
July 24, 1965 featured image

Pioneertown’s National Burro Derby Day

AUGUST 5 is the date and the photo shows some of the exciting action that will go with the starting of some 60 to 80 wild burros from Pioneertown’s “Golden Empire Corral” on the long trek from Pioneertown to Big Bear. It is Pioneertown’s first National Burro Derby Days, held in conjunction with Big Bear’s Old Miner Days, an annual event. The name “wild burro” is no misnomer. These burros are captured on the Nevada deserts and are really wild! Early the morning of August 5, the burros will be saddled and leave Pioneertown for Yucca Valley with a lunch stop, then on to Lander and Lucerne Valley for an over night stop, reaching Big Bear the evening of the 7th. The burros will be “housed” and cared for at the Pioneertown Golden Empire Corral from July 31st., to be groomed for the race.
Aug. 29, 1965 featured image

Marsi Sipherd Is Miss Pioneer Pass

The terrace of the Yucca Valley Golf Club was the sight of the Pioneer Pass Camera Cavalcade Press Night Friday night in which Marsi Sipherd of Twentynine Palms was chosen to reign as Miss Pioneer Pass during the classic three-day Pioneer Pass Golf Challenge on Oct. 1, 2, 3.
Sept. 29, 1965 Featured image

Filipponi Named Golf Field Judge

eo A. Higgins, acting general chairman of the Pioneer Pass Golf Challenge Committee, has received the official confirmation of acceptance of the post of PPGC head field judge from Mervyn L. Filipponi, former recreation director of the Yucca Valley Park and Recreation District.
Feb. 25, 1966 featured image

Pioneer Loop Association Set

With 62 persons voting, representing more than a dozen communities from two counties, the Pioneer Loop Association, dedicated to tourism and recreation, was given a solid “yes” vote at its formation meeting Feb. 17 at the Glen Restaurant. Jim Ishmael, Resident of the Hi-Desert Associated Chambers of Commerce and host for the meeting, presided.