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These are newspaper articles with stories involving the founders who developed Pioneertown Ca. USA.

Dec. 1, 1948 featured image

Pioneertown Is Becoming
Hollywood Of Westerns

These places will be used as movie sets, and in between are propped real false-front sets imported from Hollywood. The towns 300 pre-Hollywood residents will get in the act, too. The barber who runs the “Klip ‘N Kurl” place will play barber for “Cisco Kid.” The town electrician will work the klieg lights; the Red Dog bartender will act movie bartender.
Dec. 1, 1948 featured image

Genuine Wild West Town
Springs Up in Desert

The Wild West not being so wild anymore, a Western movie company is turning this desert village into a permanent cowtown. This Hollywood version of the good, old days started out to be a resort for Western movie stars with millyuns. Even the stores of the tiny one-street town were built in old-fashioned Western style to make oatburner heroes feel right at home.
Mar. 25, 1947 featured image

Pioneertown, 30 Miles Away,
Will Revive Early Days

A new road to Pioneertown, the final phase of a scenic highway which brings Bear Valley about 55 miles from Palm Springs is now open. Pioneertown, the new old west town in the San Bernardino mountains, is only 30 miles from the Village by way of Indian avenue and a panoramic scenic road.
Johnson's Hollywood featured image

Johnsons Hollywood

Aside to pedestrians: PIoneertown, the new Hollywood for western films near Palm Springs, has a law set down by movie star president Russell Hayden. You can't drive your car on the main street. It's unpaved, will remain that way, and only for horses and people.
July 2, 1949 featured image

Gene Autry Finds Ideal Locale

Like all America, Pioneertown has a history, starting point in its development. In the case of this little old West town, the idea was born when Dick Curtis, a cowboy actor discovered that the country it is around what is now Pioneertown afforded the perfect setting for the making of western movies.