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Articles about Hollywood of the desert and the Motion Pictures and Television Productions that took place in Pioneertown.

June 6, 1951 featured image


Along with hundreds of North Dakota youngsters, and more oldsters than will admit, I am counting the days until Gene Autry arrives in Madan where he will be the featured attraction at the rodeo July 1 through July 4. I like the guy, he's an all around good fellow. In my book he wears the Grade A brand.
June 22, 1951 featured image

Autry Plans To Corral Some of Hoppy’s Fans

Gene Autry, newest of the big-name TV cowboy heroes, whipped out his trusty television set today to fire away at that old stand-by Hopalong Cassidy. Autry figures Hoppy was able to corral all those kiddies into black cowboy suits "because when he started on television he didn't have any competition"
Harvey in Hollywood featured image

Harvey in Hollywood

Hi Neighbors! Only this time it isn’t “Harvey In Hollywood,” it’s Harvey in Pioneertown… the home of Western movies! Yep, riding thataway with GENE AUTRY again and this time we are taking it very easy. Only kill one hombre in two pictures and for us… that’s a vacation. Hope they don’t pick up our “Killer’s Guild” card!
Ray Milland featured image

Ray Millard, Cat Star In ‘Rhubarb’

During a recent trip to Hollywood for conferences with director Arthur Libin on "Rhubarb," his best-selling novel about a cat bequested ownership of a Brooklyn baseball club. Famed writer H. Allen Smith gathered with material for a magazine story on Pioneertown, resort development near Palm Springs.
Apr. 22, 1952 featured image

Behind The Movie Sets

Westerns were once made in locales close to Hollywood. Many locations were but a short drive from Hollywood Boulevard. However, as the City of Los Angeles expanded, the “wide-open-spaces” became cluttered up with modern dwellings.
June 19, 1952 article clipping

Valley Children Get Chance to Shine in Movies

Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree produced some motion picture actors and actresses, almost overnight, This week when Gene Autry's Flying A productions, currently producing at Pioneertown, hired several local children to play parts in "Dry Gulch at Devil's Elbow," a motion picture to be released over television as one of a series.