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Articles about Hollywood of the desert and the Motion Pictures and Television Productions that took place in Pioneertown.

March 22, 1946 - Santa Maria Times featured image

Wild West Resort

A combination wild west resort and movie studio location site, to be known as "Pioneertown," was underway today on 13,000 acres of desert land near Twenty-Nine Palms.
Variety #161 - March 1946

Mustang Mellers Totaling Up To $20,000,000 in Oats

Pioneertown Corp. recently organized by 17 members of the film business, bought 13,000 acres of desert land near Palm Springs as the site of a dude ranch and motion picture location. Project calls for sound stage, outdoor shooting spots and hotel accommodations for 300 guests.
Dec. 12, 1947 featured image
A short-subject motion picture is being filmed at Pioneertown on Sunday, December 14, and many celebrities will be on hand for the shooting, including Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, the Sons of the Pioneers and many others. Special quarter-horse races and other rodeo events.
Oct. 24, 1948 featured image

Cisco Kid Finds a Home
In Permanent Pioneertown

The Cisco kid has found a permanent home for himself and for his sidekicks. It's a brand-new community as communities go named Pioneertown, located in the San Bernardino Mountains some 125 miles southeast of Hollywood, and thereby hangs a tale. Founded more than a year ago by some young Californians as a mountain-desert resort, Pioneertown as all the advantages of superb mountain scenery, bracing desert climate and meet on untouched beauty of the region.
Oct. 25, 1948 featured image

New ‘Cisco Kid’ Films
Ready for Shooting

Producer Philip Krasne, committed to eight "Cisco Kid" features a year for the next three years to United Artists, announced today that the third and fourth in the series "Bold Bandido" and "The Darling Caballero" will go before the camera shortly in Pioneertown, the exclusive and real western city which will be the location of all future system films.