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These are newspaper articles with stories involving the development of the Golden Empire in Pioneertown Ca. USA.

Dec. 12, 1959 featured image

Pioneertown High Desert Project

To paraphrase the Scottish bard, if you take the high road and I take the low road, I’d be in Palm Springs or Palm Desert, while you’d find yourself in Yucca Valley on the high desert, or perhaps what has been dubbed “The Golden Empire” whose capital is picturesque Pioneertown.
Oct. 18, 1964 featured image

Firm Proceeds With Pioneertown Plans

Publication of a new 12-page information brochure and the completion of the blueprints for Mane Street and the Pioneertown-to-be are the latest steps taken in the development of the 30-square mile Golden Empire, it was announced by J. C. Van Horne, resident manager of the project.
Dec. 1, 1964 featured image

Hauser, Bailey Plan Pioneertown Ventures

Jack Bailey, of "Queen For A Day" fame, also visited Pioneertown last week, as a guest of Lefton. Bailey is interested in starting an “Art Colony” in The Golden Empire. Bailey’s hobby is painting, and he feels The Golden Empire will become an ideal mecca for artists from all parts of the world, he said.
Jan. 26, 1966 featured image

California Golden Empire
New Yucca Valley City Plan
Restoration of Pioneertown

A prime factor in the growth potential of the high desert is the unparalleled weather. The Golden Empire is situated 4000 feet above sea level, and the cool breezes that flow off the San Bernadino Mountains in the background also protect it from excessive high temperatures. The California Golden Empire enjoys a year round average temperature of a pleasantly mild 70 degrees.
Mar. 4, 1966 featured image

Golden Empire: ‘Shades of the Old West’

Pioneertown, Calif., a 19th century • designed town once used as a movie set for numerous Western movies in the 1940’s and 50’s, is fast becoming the “capital” of one of the most exciting land developments in the history of California the California Golden Empire. This 30-square-mile planned community is located in the high desert area approximately 120 miles northeast of the Los Angeles Civic Center and near the city of Yucca Valley. Benton Lefton, a former Cleveland developer, is head of the California Golden Empire.