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Tag Pioneer Pass Road

These are newspaper articles with stories involving the development of the pioneer pass road between Big Bear and Pioneertown Ca. USA.

Mar. 26, 1948 featured image

New Road to Cut
Big Bear Mileage

With the last link of approximately two and a quarter miles rapidly being closed, a new short cut from Pioneertown to Big Bear Valley will be completed by summer and the mountain area it will be brought to within 65 miles of the Village, according to W. E. Schmidt, of Rattlesnake Gulch, a pioneer of the mountain area.
June 12, 1955 featured image

Caravan Points Up Need
For Road to Mountains

Pioneertown--The Red Dog Cafe was the scene of 58 cars and more than 230 people from behind and low desert who rendezvoused for the trek to Big Bear City--pine-covered mountain resort in the San Bernardino Mountains. The lead car carried the slogan "We Want a Road to Big Bear," and cars carry banners for the villages of Desert Hot Springs, Morongo Valley, Pine Wells, Yucca Valley, Pioneertown, Joshua Tree, Sunfair and Twentynine Palms.
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