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Pioneertown was founded in 1946 by a group of Western actors who had been several plans to develop the land surrounding Pioneertown and make it a resort.

Mar. 4, 1966 featured image

Golden Empire: ‘Shades of the Old West’

Pioneertown, Calif., a 19th century • designed town once used as a movie set for numerous Western movies in the 1940’s and 50’s, is fast becoming the “capital” of one of the most exciting land developments in the history of California the California Golden Empire. This 30-square-mile planned community is located in the high desert area approximately 120 miles northeast of the Los Angeles Civic Center and near the city of Yucca Valley. Benton Lefton, a former Cleveland developer, is head of the California Golden Empire.
Mar. 27, 1966 featured image

Lots in Golden Empire First Unit Half-Sold

Preliminary sales reports received by Benton Lefton, head of the California Golden Empire, indicated that 50% of the available lots developed to date in the first phase of this 30-square-mile planned community have already been sold on a reservation basis – less than 90 days after of land development was announced.
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Cow town

Pioneertown was built in 1947 as a set for western movies, according to Hester Guinan, who has lived in the town for 22 years and has been its Postmaster for 17 years. Among the many cowboy sagas shot there were "Jeopardy" with Barbara Stanwyck, most of the Gene Autry and Cisco Kid films and recently "Tell them Willie Boy is here," starring Robert Redford.
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